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in delaware has some democrats celebrating but is that uprising now headed for them? and it's democrat versus democrat on capitol hill. more of the rank and file break with party leaders over plans to raise taxes on upper income z unions are howling after new jersey's governor unveils his plan to save a system that is holding $46 million in the red. welcome to the "journal editorial report". tea party candidate christine o'donnell's stunning victory tuesday over long-time
understand what we the people want from our government. >> there's a tidal wave coming to delaware. it's here and the republican party of delaware is riding it. >> the democratic party from the president down was on the wrong side of pennsylvania, i stood up and bucked that party and will do it again. >> we have great common sense conservatives who are putting it on the line. >> two term alaska senator isn't giving up without a fight. >> to hell with politics, let's do what is right for alaska, let's win. >> this is joe miller against two liberals. >> time for primary debate is over. time for unity now. the time for choosing is near. >> sean: with just 42 days until november's midterm elections all eyes are on christine o'donnell, the subject of all the democratic attacks. she children. ed the gop primary last week. given the tenor of this election i think that's a badge of honor. joining me is the woman the democrats love to hate christine o'donnell, one of them, michelle bachmann is up there, sarah palin is up there. welcome, good to see you. >> thank you. >> sean: there's a lot of ground t
that's september 14th. the night of the o'donnell nomination in delawar i'm keith olbermann. good night and good luck. party past is about to catch up good evening. who are your special guests tonight? >> my special guests tonight include -- polls have just closed in the state of new york, where controversy plagued democratic congressman charlie rangel is trying to hold on to his seat tonight that he has held on to 45 years so far. he is facing five challengers, chief among them adam clayton powell iv. we're still awaiting results in >>> mr. castle now becomes the latest in the long line of republican endorsed candidate to be moved to an outsider. a conservative challenger this year. twp last hour christine o'donnell addressed her supporters in dover, delaware. >> i can't thank everyone by name because we would be here until midnight. so many people have sacrificed so hard. but i specifically want to thank the 9/12 patriots for laying the foundation and stirring thing up in delaware. the founders values group and all the delaware tea party groups. you are the visionaries and leade
's elections. tonight's the night we learn the final matchups. with news from new york, new hampshire, delaware, maryland, massachusetts, rhode island, wisconsin, and the district of columbia. will insurgent conservative movement candidates keep picking off the republican establishment? will the sharron angle and rand pauls of this election year have more company as candidates no one can quite believe keep winning major party nominations for major political office. >> you can't masturbate without lust. >> oh dear. tonight's results from the delaware senate primary with keith olbermann, chris matthews and lawrence o'donnell, made silver about the stats of what is likely to happen next in november. it's all ahead in this tonight's primary hour of "the rachel maddow show." thank you for joining us tonight. and welcome to the last major night of primaries before this year's midterm elections. it is now 9:00 p.m. on the east coast, which means that polls have officially closed in the seven states across the country, holding elections tonight. plus the district of columbia. we are keeping an eye on a
by reporters. and so i would expect that with this candacy, you'll see a similar move in delaware to try to find something closer to the middle in delaware, to try to just pooh-pooh the negative talk about her. her previous campaign manager has come out and said she just used the campaign money to pay her own rent which is not legal use of campaign money. i think she will try to just brush that story aside as the typical cross fire that any politician gets into, and try to find her way to the middle on some of these policy questions. >> but in 49 days, how much nondamage can she do to herself when as rachel maddow showed these tapes from mtv, there are tapes in which a candidate for senate for the use, which is what she is now, is discussing openly how people shouldn't masturbate? that would seem to be a difficult sell even in delaware. >> she's going to say it's 14 years ago and she is going to try to not get into repeating those specifics that she got into on that tape. and try to say something that sounds, indicate religiously high minded. that is kind of general. and saying no one sh
in delaware. the big story of the night where really a little known underdog in the tea party defeated the veteran. >> a stunning upset in delaware yesterday, vinita. the biggest upset perhaps of this entire cycle. veteran moderate congressman mike castle, a republican from delaware. he was a two-term governor, a nine-term member of congress. he lost to christine o'donnell. she was backed by the tea party, backed by sarah palin and she came away with a six-point win. this is a really ss o c
'donnell the surprise winner of the republican senate primary in delaware agreed to come here live in washington today to take our questions. however, late friday night her campaign canceled saying o'donnell was exhausted and had to return to delaware. saturday morning o'donnell called me and said this "i got triple booked. i had been invited to go to church and then a picnic. i have to keep my priorities to delaware voters ." so we begin today when someone who has been critical of o'donnell master republican strategist karl rove. you have come under a lot of fire from critics for criticizing kristine o'donnell. let's watch. >> everything that he is saying is unfactual and it is a same because he is the same so-called political guru that predicted i wasn't going to win and we won and we won big. >> if he had just gotten this mad at democrats during the bush administration who knows how things would be different today. >> chris: add to that everyone from sarah palin and the argument seems to be your part of the republican establishment and you feel threatened by the tea party? >> this is actually about
by christine o'donnell for the united states senate nomination in delaware. she won with the backing of sarah palin. how do you feel two days later? >> bill buckley said to support the most right-wing candidate that was elected pope. i think the republicans broke that rule. it could cost republicans control of the senate. >> it looks like we have this anger we are talking about. this is a temper tantrum that ran amok. some tea party candidates have come up and then nominated and have sent a message and made a statement and can win and compete in the fall. in this case, she will have to run again not just the democratic party in delaware but much of the republican party as well them n. >> ronald reagan said that shall not speak ill of another republican in public. this is also what jim demand said about others he served with. he said he has been in the majority with republicans who don't have principles. >> what bigger shot can you take? >> ronald reagan had the 80% rule which is someone who is with the 80% of the the side and the is our friend and ally. he is not 20%. that seems to be the pre
to use congressman rangel as a punching bag. >> there's a tidal wave coming to delaware. >> this campaign has become a test. >> we are riding it. my opponent is drowning in it. >> she is for more taxes. she is for more spending. >> you see my opponent fighting for the billionaires, for the millionaires. she is also for big government. >> government spending. i can't elaborate right now, i'm too angry. >> sean: it is primary night in america. today voters in seven state took to the polls. the big race we are watching tonight is in delaware, longtime congressman mike castle is being challenged in the republican senate primary by tea party favorite christine o'donnell. polls closed over 60 minutes ago. as you can see the race remains too close to call. as of right now o'donnell is leading castle 55% to 45% with 47% of the precincts reporting. other than joe biden, mike castle is perhaps the most recognizable political name in all of delaware. he has been the state's governor served in congress since 1993, now his political future is in jeopardy thanks to o'donnell looking to pull off a major
the most recognizable political name in delaware, has been the state's governor served since 193. now, his political future is in jeopardy thanks to christine o'donnell. she has the support of sara palin, mark levin and her victory in delaware would be another example the tea party movement is on the rides. we'll bring you more as night continues. we have the young guns of the republican party here with analysis. but first, legality me bring in the host of fox business network, the one and only stewart barney and dana parino. look at that lead. 47% of the vote in. a week ago, i don't think any of us would have said would it be that big of a lead. >> possibly not. i think there has been surprise as cross the country as each primary has closed. last two weeks ago we had a surprise in alaska. joe miller won. so then, it's happening across the count skpri probably will in november. >> and joe miller, sharon eveningel there. is a battle within the establishment republican supporting arlen specter and charlie crist. rank and file conservatives are saying they're not conservative enough for us. >
president joe biden tomorrow night. >>> drums along the delaware. let's play "hardball." good evening, i'm chris matthews in washington. leading off tonight, castle's falling. who's safe? what politician does not live in fear right now after what happened last night? if the most unbeatable of institutions, a beloved politician like michael castle can fall, who knows for sure he or she will be standing come this november 2nd election night. yes, the first walls to fall have been the republicans, they were the first line of defense of the way things are. watch what happened to them. now come the democrats, crowded in the last. will they do better than the republican palace guard of specter, bennet, murkowski and all the pillars of the grand old party establishment, the country clubber, the moderates, the rhinos, and most hated of all, washington office holders? bill clinton said yesterday that even george w. bush looks like a liberal compared to republicans running today. great line. but are the dems whistling past the graveyard in the republican party has already been taken by jim demint
party candidate knocks off another candidate. and if a man who has won in delaware 11 times will make it 12. and the tea party candidate in delaware called it cannibalism and cost to gop any real chance of taking back the senate this november. and whether school chiefs and mayors fighting for dramatic reforms will get a shot across the bow from right here in washington, d.c. where the teacher's union spent heavily in the effort to defeat a incumbent mayor who fired hundreds of teachers for failing to meet his grade. and house democrats are back from summer vacation, and they are nervous, big time. tonight, the first big meeting together and among the challenges of speaker nancy pelosi, trying to get big debates on tax cuts. you can see a packed hour ahead and a smart team to break down the big races and the lessons as the primary season winds down and we shift to the final weeks of campaign 2010. let's begin with the stunning updates in delaware. mike castle, nine times relekted to the house of representatives and when he decided to run for the seat held by joe biden, they were ecstat
with the latest. >> bret: a big nate the primary in delaware is a big upset. christine o'donnell has defeated castle the establishment favorite. o'donnell received major backing from the tea party express. she will face the democrat in november the winner gets the seat long held by vice president biden. there you see the percentages, big win for christine o'donnell. in the balance of political novices in wisconsin ron johnson has defeated westlake. johnson has never run before takes on incumbent democrat russ feingold who many consider vulnerable in november. tea party favorite. ovide lamontagne has the lead over kelly a why the in the senate primary. -- kelly ayotte, in the senate primary still early there. ehrlich trounced newcomer brian murphy in tonight primary in maryland. we will get a rematch with martin o'malley who ushered ehrlich out of office in 2006. in new york's harlem congressional district tonight congressman rangel facing a likely ethics trial this fall is battling several challengers, including joyce johnson and adam clayton powell iv the percentages not coming in yet. as th
delaware. christine of donnell this week, tells you how much the republican party has changed. at least for now. the grand old party is history. this week's primary voting has changed the calculus. if you're a classic lineup, well, if you're a classic line up the endorsements republican like mitt romney, you've had a bad week. the candidate with a good week, sarah palin. this is her party now. the only question is what she wants to do herself. run or stand back on the sidelines. get out on the field or play quarterback or grab the megaphone as the party's number one cheerleader. the new story today was senate nominee christine o'donnell. she may win. she may not. in delaware, but progressives are poised to underestimate her. by the way, o'donnell was on "hardball" as far back as 2002 talking about the ten commandments. plus, jon stewart announced his rally to restore sanity in washington last night. can he do for liberals and progressives what glenn beck did for conservatives a week ago? three decades after kennedy challenged carter for the nomination, in 1980, carter says we could have
correspondent carl cameron reports from delaware, scene of the biggest upset of the night. >> the people of delaware have spoken. [ applause ] >> reporter: tea party conservative christine o'donnell shocked republican mike castle and his establishment supporters for the delaware g.o.p. senate confirmation last night. this morning, senate republican officials who had the sister candidacy reversed course and pledged money for the general election fight. g.o.p. senate leader mcconnel gave her a curt and skeptical nod. >> i'll support the winner. >> we'll look at where we think the best opportunities for pick-ups are and that's where we'll spend the money. >> reporter: party bosses have no plan for the big-money outlet for o'donnell than other tea party candidates have started to receive. the polls suggest that o'donnell trails continues. she is trying to unite the g.o.p. >> i'm very convinced that we can win. before the republican cannibalism i was ahead in the polls. and, you know, if we can put this behind us and do some damage repair and, you know, then we can turn the two-point lead to
on the delaware. let's play "hardball." >>> good evening,. the little state that could. will delaware be the one to make or break the conservatives chances of taking over the u.s. senate this year? tonight, we get the results of the big tea party challenge of christine o'donnell to possibly win the republican nomination for senate over mike castle. if she does, it will be the eighth time in this political season that a far right of center beat out the favorite for a gop nomination. we'll look at all the big races in seven states tonight and the district of columbia and what's at stake. also, there's a great political battle brewing over taxes. my question. who wins if congress fails to stop this tax hike if nothing gets done, who wins then? who wins if the tax cuts are extended for all of us. and harry reid exchanges tweets with lady gaga. he says he'll try to get a vote this week on ending don't ask, don't tell. could this be about the election? why not just get rid of it period. we'll be back at midnight tonight with a special primary night edition of "hardball" to give you the full returns fr
is just stunned by what happened last night in delaware. now they are scrambling to get control of a movement that seems to be taking overtheir party. >> last night showed there is a very vociferous debate going on inside the republican party. >> republican officials in this state and nationally are trying to figure out how to win with a candidate they did not want. >> tea party upsets like hers have triggered a republican party civil war. >> i want to get straight. o'donnell is another sarah palin endorsed candidate. karl rove is doing battle now with sarah palin. >> palin vs. rove, get your tickets. >> sean: it is a civil war or are conservatives washing away the wishy-washy republicans in favor of more conservative candidates? fox news contributor, host of the)Ñr new documentary with his wife, america at risk the war with no name, newt gingrich is with us. welcome back. >> good to be with you. >> sean: nobody wants to be seen with barack obama. nobody wants to be seen with nancy pelosi. more democrats are running ads against health care than for health care this is about a r
, as tonight the gop nomination for the senate from delaware. it is clear, says the democrat she will face in the general, chris koonz that the republican party is perthing itself of moderate voices and embracing the radical. christine o'donnell one vote away from representing delaware in the u.s. senate. full coverage ahead. >>> which of these stories will you be talking about tomorrow? how to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. republicans get a hint at filibustering obama tax cuts for the middle class. >> it's unfair to raise taxes on anybody in the middle of a recession. >> even the rich? you might be wrong about that. >>> the house democratic caucus meets to decide whether to force the republicans to reveal their toting to the rich to vote against the middle class tax cuts. our special guests, caucus chairman, chris van hullen and the pollster who addresses the caucus, stan greenberg. >>> republican racism mea culpa. the speech to schoolkids was called indoctrination. now mr. grier with an extraordinary admission. i found that many in the gop have racist views, and i apologize to
triumph in delaware eclipsed as the republican party comes apart at the seams. its senate election committee will only do the bare minimum. >> how does she make her living? why did she mislead voters about her college education? >> i interviewed her, and i felt her explanations were far more plausible -- >> did you ask her about the people who were following her home to her headquarters and how she's checked each night in the bushes? >> everything he's saying is unfactual. >> why is he so mad at a republican? >> and who leads those republicans tonight? another claimant steps forward. >> this 10% is going to be the shelter for the other 90%. this 10% is going to -- out of this 10% will be the leaders of tomorrow. >> and the democrats celebrating the schism, nervously, while the president tries to seize the moment and become the tax cut man. >> the tax debate is good for the democrats. >> a sarah palin clone is nominated in delaware with dave weigel on the mad excitement of the tea party. chris kobinis on the practicality of electing someone. as recline on the democrats' practical re
in delaware, new hampshire and new york, they were not blowing kisses at barack obama. of all the surprises and primary elections, nothing tops what happened tonight. this, the last major primary night, has produced the most stunning upset of the year. a lot of examples yet of anti-washington and anti-establishment fever that has gripped much of this republican party. in the state of delaware, christine o'donnell, who just a week ago was considered more than an obscure party shocked the republican political establishment by beating mike castle. 100% of the precincts. 53% of the vote. until perhaps a day or two ago, republicans have every reason to assume that castle would win the nomination and cruise to victory. that would have given the gop a pickup of the same recently held by joe biden. all bets are off. in new hampshire and, leading former state attorney general kelly. a race that has been getting closer by the minute with 35% reporting now lafontaine has 40%. 48% of the front runner before tonight. in new hampshire, the establishment candidate in this case. in top senate races by the
's candidate's stunning win in the delaware republican primary has delivered a powerful new blow to the gop establishment. the president set the stage for the end game this fall, talking about the issues voters care about most, the u.s. economy. he again accused republicans of standing in the way. >> we don't have time for anymore games. i understand there's an election coming up. but the american people didn't send us here to just think about our jobs, they sent us here to think about theirs. they sent us here to think about their lives and their children's lives and to be responsible. and to be serious about the challenges we face as a nation. that's what members of both parties have now done with this small business jobs bill. and i hope we can work together to do the same thing on middle class tax relief in the weeks to come. >> let's bring in our white house correspondent dan lothian. dan, the president, he came out, very forceful, saying, yes, there may be a deal on some tax breaks for businesses, small businesses, but there's a big battle brewing over tax rates overall for the americ
sarah palin's clout, they got a wake-up call last night in delaware. >> christine o'donnell captured the republican senate primary with a big push from palin. shannon travis is live in washington this morning. just a huge victory for o'donnell and the tea party. and really, shannon, something of a mess for republicans. >> absolutely, candy. the ground may still actually be shaking in delaware. i mean, just a few weeks ago, christine o'donnell was far less known than she is right now. and she was badly trailing congressman mike castle in the polls. but in a few short weeks she gained ground, and now she clinched this victory. i definitely credit her own campaigning, but sarah palin and the tea party express. they went in there with palin's backing, sending people out, spending money. she's claiming victory now. >> and shannon, up in new hampshire, we're not really sure who is going to win that one. it's very, very close. any chance we'll get some sort of decision later today? >> yeah. we're not really sure when that decision will actually come out. it's too close to call right now. bu
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nominee for senate in delaware was unthinkable. we are thinking it now. also, a 100% legit newsworthy topical, socially progressive reason to show this video. i promise. hi, may i help you? yes, i hear progressive has lots of discounts on car insurance. can i get in on that? are you a safe driver? yes. discount! do you own a home? yes. discount! are you going to buy online? yes! discount! isn't getting discounts great? yes! there's no discount for agreeing with me. yeah, i got carried away. happens to me all the time. helping you save money -- now, that's progressive. call or click today. >>> the last big primary night is tomorrow night. there are important things going on in new york as we just told you, in delaware, as we're about to tell you, as well as new hampshire, wisconsin, massachusetts, the district of columbia, all over the place. we will have election results coverage for you live both at 9:00 p.m. eastern and 11:00 p.m. eastern tomorrow. this election year has been one of the most unhinged of my lifetime. tomorrow night we will get a much clearer picture of what's going t
in politics we'll see until the actual november midterms. here are the big winners. in delaware, starting things off, this tiny state making big headlines. the tea party darling, christine o'donnell, captures the republican senate race. new york city, democratic senator char rangel easily fends off the right to seek a 21st term. a big deal, expected to win, but remember he's awaiting an ethics trial back in washington, d.c. also in washington, d.c., the city council chairman vincent gray upset the city mayor, adrian fent any a democratic may oral race and paladino, millionaire from buffalo scores defeating the candidate in the new york republican race for governor. the delaware race, the marquise matchup. tiny state but making big headlines. o'donnell backed pie the tea party and sarah palin's blessen easily turned away a nine-term delaware congressman mike castle for the right to seek the senate's seat job joe biden held for some 36 year. republican leaders until a short time ago seemed they still weren't feeling ining o'donnell. a quote, until she demonstrates vileability in the polls,
of delaware have spoken! [applause] no more politics as usual! bill: just about seven weeks ago now, the stage is finally set for november, we saw a big win for the woman you just heard from, christine o'donnell, a virtual unknown until she won the backing from the tea party and then she kwrobgd off long time congressman mike castle who has never lost a race in his home state of delaware. there are numerous story lines this morning. we love these mornings here, hime bill hemmer, welcome to "america's newsroom". how you doing, martha? martha: doing well, bill. it was a big night, almost double the turnout, also a factor here, o'donnell on the gop ticket, she will run for joe biden's seat in delaware. listen to this: >> a lot of people have already said that we can't win the general election. it is the same -- yes we can! >> yes, we can! >> it is the same so-called experts who said we had no chance of winning the primary. [applause] >> it will be hard work. but we can win. and if those same people who fought against me were just -- worked just as hard for me, we will win! >> [applause] martha:
and "hardball" is next. we will see you tomorrow night. >>> tea party on the delaware. let's play "hardball." >>> good evening. i'm chris matthews down in washington again. leading tonight, the little state that could. will dell wake first state to sign the constitution, be the one to make or break the conservatives' chances of taking over the u.s. senate this year? tonight, we get the results of the big tea party challenge of christine o'donnell to possibly win the republican nomination for senate over mike castle. if she does, it will be the eighth time in this political season that a far right of center candidate beat out the favorite for a gop senate nomination. are conservatives ready to dump anyone who even wants to talk to democrats? we'll look at all the big races in seven states tonight and the district of columbia and what's at stake at the top of the show. >>> also, there's a great political battle brewing over taxes. my question, who wins if congress fails to stop this tax hike if nothing gets done? who wins then? who wins if the tax cuts are extended for all of us? who wins in
. tuesday's republican senate primary in delaware features another tea party darling against the party establishment candidates. chief political correspondent carl cameron reports it's a race that's a lot closer than it was supposed to be. >> 20 year republican congressman and former delaware governor mike castle led all polls for the republican u.s. senate nomination and the seat three weeks ago. but now, this moderate may lose to christine o'donnell, a self-styled conservative with personal financial issues. >> she has a lot of strikes against her, maybe more than three against her with respect to her finances and if you translate that into make the it as far as the government is concerned, i think that could be problem cal. >> three weeks ago the tea party express committee from california had an add list to help the virtually unknown and unvetted o'donnell oust castle. sarah palin recorded calls and radio ads for her, too. >> there's a wave, a tidal wave coming into delaware. we're riding it, my opponent is drieng it. >> and she's been characterized as a rhino, republican in name o
states yesterday. in delaware, christine mcdonald defeated congressman mike castle in the republican primary. in new york, congressman charlie rangel held on to defeat by democratic challengers. we will hear from the candidates next on c-span. topics on this morning "washington journal" include defense spending, wall street overset, and tax cuts. "washington journal" begins at the top of the hour here on c- span. this week, the former republican vice-presidential and alaska governor sarah palin will address the annual ronald reagan dinner. we are expected to hear from senator chuck grassley informer by what governor terry branstad. live coverage begins friday at 8:00 p.m. eastern here on c-span and on cspan radio and cspan -- >> we provide coverage of politics, public affairs, nonfiction books and american history. this is available on television, radio, online, and on social media networking site. find our content any time through the cspan video library. we take cspan on the room with the digitalbus, bringing our resources to your community. this is washington your way.
tonight, the senator from delaware. that's right. the prominence of christine odon thel week, tells you how much the republican party has changed. at least for now. the grand ole party is history. this week's primary voting especially in delaware has changed the calculus. less for this november than for november 2012. if you're a classic lineup, well, if you're a classic lineup the endorsement's big money establishment republican like mitt romney, you've had a very bad week. who had a good week? the candidate who wasn't in today's obama-bashing viewers values summit here in washington, sarah palin. this is her parent now. the only question is what she wants to do herself, run or stand back of the sidelines? get on the field, or play quarterback or grab the megaphone as the party's number one cheerleader? well the shining new story news summit was nominee christine o'donnell. she may win, she may not. in delaware. but progressives are fools to underestimate her, and even more so for underestimating the voter attitude. or as they say in philly, at-e-tude that told her nomination. o'donnel
in the mid-term elections in november. and there is a shock result in the state of delaware. an outsider backed by a conservative tea party candidate, beating the congressman. and new hampshire another state tea party is in the lead. and joining us from this shock result in delaware. >> that's right, christine o'donnell had been written off and dismissed in her state of delaware. but pulled off this shock result, beating mike castle, a long-standing republican in that state. and the republican hierarchy had campaigned against her, and this is a victory for the tea party movement. a victory of the people. and it's a part of a wider emerging picture here tonight. we had similar results in the new york government primary where a tea party candidate won. and in new hampshire it looks like a similar result there. >> what sort of tea party movement will this have on the other parties? >> the republicans here is a resurgency and to see against big government and high taxes and deficit spending. and strongly against obama's health care plan. and that can be a problem for republican strategists a
. >> greta: karl rove is in the middle of a republican tornado. it started last night when delaware's new republican nominee for the senate christine o'donnell turned the republican party upside down. backed by the tea party express and sarah palin now she is the big winner in delaware. last night's delaware vote count was hardly complete when karl rove announced christine o'donnell has a checkered background and questioned whether she could win the general election. now all hell has broken loose. >> i think that's an exaggeration to say all heck has broken loose. >> greta: michelle malkin was on with sean and called you vicious. you don't think all hell is breaking loose? >> no. >> greta: what is going on in? >> in a primary people in the republican primary didn't care about these issues. in a general election there will be questions about her background. she didn't pay her federal income taxes in 2005. >> greta: she may be a hero for some. although it is against the law. >> when she had a tax lien she said she is puzzled by it. she failed to make her mortgage in 2007 by march of 2008 th
.s.a.! u.s.a.! u.s.a.! >> the tea party continues to rise celebrating big victories in delaware and new york. but some republicans remain very uneasy. laura ingraham, charles krauthammer and i will analyze. a cartoonist in seattle is in hiding after she promoted an everybody draw muhammad contest. seems al-qaida might want to kill her. geraldo rivera has been investigating. >> a new advocacy advertisement says that mcdonald's causes heart attacks and death. we'll weigh in. caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. "the factor" begins right now. >> hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. the delaware canudrum, the subject of this evening's talking points memo. with christine o'donnell becoming the republican nominee to take joe biden's senate seat, the race in delaware becomes a national story with two very interesting candidates. first, miss o'donnell. what karl rove and others are concerned about is that the 41-year-old activist has never really had a job in the private sector. in the past year or so, she has made less than $6,000 in income. it also took miss o
, and gingrich in a moment. plus, we'll go live o delaware to explore a huge tea party test in a big primary tomorrow. >>> but first, the campaign debate over what should happen when the big bush tax cuts adopted in 2001 expire at the end of this year. here to audit the tax cuts, freddy ballsair, j.c. watts, gloria borger, and joining us from new york, cnn political contributor and republican strategist, ed rollins and john avalon, also a cnn contributor, as well as senior political columnist for the daily beast. let's get straight to this tax fight. president obama went out to the fairfield, virginia, doing a little town hall in a backyard. and he was making his case that the you should keep tax cuts for those families making $250,000 anbew, and those making more than that should pay more. number one, the president says that's only fair. number two, he says, we can't afford it because red ink. >> but we can't give away $700 billion to folks who don't need it a think somehow that we're going to balance our budget. it's not gog to hapn. >> one intere, ing int, freddy, to the democrat the fir
'donnell in delaware. some of the same group said it wouldn't want o'donnell's campaign and today, senate minority leader says it is time to unite the party. republican indiana congressman pence agrees, but, congressman, mixed signals coming from your party offer the last 24 hours. what gives. >>guest: well, it is the end of primary season. as they say in nascar, rubbing is racing but great to see everyone today coming around christine o'donnell and saying, you bet, if we can we elect a republican senator in massachusetts, we have every opportunity to elect christine o'donnell in delaware and i like her chances and she has given a fresh, positive, conservative alternate to the people of delaware and i look forward to supporting her and seeing her in the u.s. senate. >>neil: is there truth that you talked to others saying let's get on board here, are you nuts? >>guest: i never talk about conversations with colleagues but what i can tell you is, it is a woman new world out there. and some in the political class have been slow to figure the american people are really tired of the borrowing and the sp
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